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J-IV Contracting is in the heart of Central, Kentucky and was created upon a passion for all things building. With over 15 years experience in construction project management, we are equipped to create and complete all your building needs, within budget and on time.

The Process


Design Your Project

Upon the initial point of contact regarding your project interest we will get to work! Whether it be a new custom home or other custom building, conversations will begin regarding the details and desires of your design. A site visit will be scheduled to review your location and lot. This is YOUR project! J-IV Contracting is simply the facilitator and teammate to complete your custom project to your expectations in a timely manner!

Create Your Budget

Once the design of your build project is established, we begin to build a budget. A cost-to-build outline is formed based upon our conversations of your wants and needs of your build. Current standard pricing of industry materials and services are used to build your budget. We will use your budget as a guide throughout the duration of your build to meet your financial expectations with less surprises along the way. By having this guide in place, we will be able to track all spending and cost analysis at any given time during the building process.

Complete Your Build

Regarding day-to-day operations, we like to say you can be as hands on or off as you wish! Weekly meetings can be set to go over progress as you’d like or simply pick finishes and paint colors and leave the rest to J-IV Contracting! Site visits are always welcomed on our projects and are required periodically throughout your build for owner input and design decisions to be discussed. J-IV Contracting ensures that all subcontractors provide only quality products and services in a timely manner throughout your entire build! Your Design, On Budget, On Time.